Underpinning is the process of stabilizing and supporting structures in support of excavation or in conditions whereby settlement has occurred. Earthcore has the equipment and training required to safely perform foundation underpinning utilizing many different methods such as hand dug shored pits, drilled micropiles with brackets, and jet grouting/soil mixing. 

Foundation underpinning is often mistakenly performed “open cut” resulting in structural settlement and failure. The basic process of installing standard hand dug underpinning pits is low tech, but the engineered design and sequencing must be followed precisely to avoid potential problems. The hand dug pit proves to be the most common method used and is able to be performed in tight locations without the need of large equipment.

Bracketed micropiles, tieback anchors, and wood lagging are often utilized to ensure the structural integrity of the building and to make the project economical to construct. Many factors affect the decision on which method suits a particular project, and the design of these systems is best left to the few professionals that have many years experience designing and installing underpinning systems.