Grouting is performed for many different reasons utilizing a wide range of methods, but typically consists of pressure injecting a cement based mixture below grade.  The procedure is used to mitigate settlement of structural elements, increase soil bearing capacity, repair or prevent sinkhole problems, minimize or prevent permeation, and to lift (jack) slabs/foundations/roadways, etc.

The standard method is to drill and install small diameter steel casing to a predetermined depth to be used as a conduit to pressure inject the grout mixture below grade. Shallow depths are utilized for slabjacking and mudjacking, which is the process of pumping grout to buildup pressure below a targeted structure in order to lift the unit or stabilize in place. Deeper casings are installed for pressure and compaction grouting projects. These operations often rely on the design and grouting contractor successfully injecting precise quantities of grout in all slumps, from low to high pressure, depending on the requirements of the project.

The grouting process must be designed and executed properly to prevent serious damage to buildings or injury to personnel. Earthcore has extensive experience and a large fleet of extremely specialized drilling and pumping equipment to handle any grouting project regardless of design or specialty access requirements.