Test Drilling Division

Geotechnical Engineers choose EARTHCORE when they need a reliable drilling contractor. Site soil investigations demand that data collection is performed properly and thoroughly. When the driller comes up short, the Engineer potentially loses out on future work for his Client. A large, customized fleet of drill rigs, weather hardened employees with a solid work ethic, an excellent safety record, and the ability to drill in adverse conditions allow EARTHCORE to routinely meet the needs of our Clients.  

EARTHCORE's reputation is built by being on time with the right tools, reliable, and willing to put forth the extra effort required to achieve success for the engineers with whom we work. Custom rigs and support equipment are often modified or fabricated and deployed to ensure all boring locations can be accessed to complete the investigation.

Innovative drilling methods and custom built rigs have established EARTHCORE as the local go-to resource for geotechnical and environmental drilling. Our team will aggressively pursue the means and methods necessary to drill on extreme access sites, under adverse weather conditions, and in any subsurface soil and rock formations that we encounter.

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Construction Division

Contractors, owners, and consultants turn to EARTHCORE for geotechnical drilling and foundation solutions on their projects. Unanticipated soil and subsurface related problems disrupt critical path objectives, which affect schedules and budgets. When the Client requires prompt, affordable, and reliable solutions, EARTHCORE is ready to respond to the many geotechnical challenges we encounter.

EARTHCORE maintains a large fleet of highly specialized drill rigs and equipment, cross-trains all employees, and we continually think outside the box to find the right solution for each project. There is never only one way to solve a problem, and our long term relationships thrive because we analyze all practical means and methods to provide the best possible result for every Client, every time.

Attention to detail, safety, and a solid company-wide work ethic allow EARTHCORE to routinely solve the unanticipated problems and meet the high demands of our industry.

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