Micropiles are small diameter drilled foundation elements typically more economical to install than caissons. They are often constructible in extreme limited access conditions where a caisson rig could not gain access. Augercast piles are another economic alternative to caissons that utilize a continuous flight auger to drill and inject grout or concrete to form a column as the soil is displaced. 

Micropiles often utilize a steel casing in upper soil zones to keep the hole open, can be designed as friction or end bearing piles, and can terminate in soil or rock. When designed as friction piles, micropiles are often load tested in tension, at large cost savings as compared to caissons. Augercast piles are limited to installation in soil or weathered rock only. Both micropiles and augercast piles typically utilize continuous steel reinforcing grouted within the section of the pile.

Earthcore has many years of experience installing micropiles as deep foundation building elements. These smaller diameter piles are well suited to drill in difficult fill/rock formations, provide underpinning support, to increase the bearing capacity of existing foundations, and are routinely installed in extremely restricted and low overhead/indoor conditions. Small diameter micropiles are routinely designed to carry large loads as an economic alternative to other deep foundation elements.