Recent advances in the geotechnical industry have enabled engineers to provide designs for special application retaining walls that are economical to construct. Permanent walls are built using methods such as soldier beam/concrete plank, soilnail/shotcrete, and variations of the two combined with cast in place concrete.

Site conditions often preclude conventional wall construction if the design requires excavation behind the wall for footing and geogrid installation. When a zero lot line setback prevents over excavation to construct these standard walls, Earthcore can build permanent retaining walls on the lot line. Top down construction with soldier beams and wood lagging for excavation support is followed by the installation of precast concrete plank as a wall finish.

Soilnail walls can be designed when it is not practical to over-excavate for geogrid installation, or if shallow rock prohibits the excavation for a geogrid wall. Soilnail walls are constructed top down in approximately 5' vertical lifts. The soilnails are drilled and grouted in place, then the reinforcing and shotcrete is placed. This process is repeated in stages until the design depth of excavation is reached. Then additional reinforcing and a permanent shotcrete or cast in place concrete finish is applied. These walls typically require less material and smaller equipment to construct than conventional walls.