Temporary excavation support systems are installed to prevent cave-ins and collapse of trenches and excavations. OSHA regulations mandate strict compliance with established safe methods and  ignoring these standards can result in death and severe property damage. 

Earthcore has the capability and experience to install the various types of shoring options available including soldier beam/lagging, sheeting, and soilnail/shotcrete systems. The site subsurface conditions and structural requirements dictate which method is best suited for the project. The design on all shored systems must be performed by a competent geotechnical design engineer with many years experience in designing and building shored systems. Earthcore partners with these engineering firms to assist in determining the best shoring system for each project.

Many other individual geotechnical foundation procedures/elements are utilized in the construction of these excavation support systems including tiebacks, soilnails, and grouting. Earthcore has extensive experience and the specialty equipment required to perform all tasks for the safe and efficient installation of all shoring systems.